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        ? Establish a 30 million RMB special fund to help employees suffering major illness or facing disasters.

        ? Spend 100+ million RMB each year to help front-line employees.reunite with their families,during the Spring Festival.

        ? Set up an 450 million RMB special fund for providing employees with housing loans.

        ? Build an international bilingual kindergarten, childcare centers and playgrounds for employees’ children.

        ? More than 1,000 employees have earned undergraduate or graduate degrees from the “Go to College with JD” program launched in November 2013.

        ? Sponsored selected senior and mid-level managers to participate in part-time EMBA programs.

        ? 80% of mid-level management and 70% of senior-level management have been promoted internally.

        ? 1,620,167 participants completed 19,215 online and offline training sessions between Jan 2016 and Nov 2017.


        ? Comprehensive and reasonable measures to avoid collecting unrelated personal information.

        ? Through the JD User Privacy Policy, we clearly inform users of the purpose and scope of the use of relevant information.

        ? Through data security technical and management measures, personal information is safeguarded from being leaked, damaged, or lost.


        ? Set up Internal Control and Compliance Department?and?developed?a?system of internal controls and process specifications for each business?system.

        ? Set up 10 million RMB annual anti-corruption fund.

        ? Use?of smart technology and manual inspections to identify and combat fraudulent transactions,?imposition of?severe punishment?on?illegal merchants.